Dr. Chip Taylor: Monarchs May Only Occupy 1.25 Acres at Overwintering Sites This Year

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I am positively shattered for our poor Monarchs!  We are LOSING THEM! 😥  Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch recently shared that the Eastern Migrant population that overwinters this year is, as feared since March, predicted to be at a new and devastating low. Based on observers’ reports along the migratory flyways, Dr. Taylor estimates that only 1.25 acres of trees in the Mexico sanctuaries will be occupied this winter.  To put in perspective how abysmal this statistic truly is, the average population of occupied Monarch butterfly overwintering habitat is TWENTY-TWO acres.  😥  I cannot convey my sorrow.  WE MUST ACT NOW if we are to preserve the greatest migratory phenomenon in all of Nature! Monarchs are miracles and their remarkabe journey has touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world.  LET THIS YEAR NOT BE THE LAST!

This coming Spring, PLEASE:
1. Make a Monarch Waystation! PLANT MILKWEED and Nectar-Producing Flowers in a garden or any other land you own! Butterflies need nectar, and mothers lay their eggs on milkweed ONLY — Milkweed plants are the only thing Monarch caterpillars eat!
2. Plant Milkweed and Nectar-Producing Flowers along ROADSIDES!
3. SAY NO to GMO CROPS! Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready corn and soy GMO crops are what is killing the majority of milkweed in critical Monarch habitat! Milkweed used to grow with corn and soy in the fields but glyphosate has eradicated it by poisoning the fields.
4. Dr. Taylor says Texas is a very important target for sustaining the Eastern Migration — this is where the flyways funnel together and the Monarchs congregate to fly into Mexico. They need FOOD to survive the Journey!


PLEASE, everyone…grow milkweed and nectar-producing flowers! Plant them anywhere and everywhere!  The Monarchs need us!

Dr. Chip Taylor to Butterfly Breeders: Monarch Roosts May Occupy Only 1.25 Acres This Year | texasbutterflyranch.

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